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Support L1


Classification of Support L1

Level 1(L1) is frontline of support for Incidence management of MS-VAS. L1 mainly responsible for providing alarm monitoring and L1 support to incidences based on SOP. L1 trained to do pre-approved standard changes in the system. Some of the tasks which come under L1 preview as below:-

L1 support team will carry out day-to-day operational activities and provide day-to-day operational support. The tasks involved are as follows

Routine performance monitoring and validation against acceptable performance levels.

Carrying out housekeeping activities

Resolve and respond to L2 customer incidents [SRs] raised through CSD.

First level application troubleshooting in case of problems

Provide regular MIS reports related to services. Operator shall provide tools & related infrastructure required for MIS related to Business Operations.

Coordinate with L2 and SMEs for resolving incidents

Coordinate with product vendors and ISVs local staff to resolve any incidents

Execute & monitor batch jobs as per schedule.

Validate outcome of batch jobs and perform necessary corrective actions as per procedure manuals.

Provide planned event support as per IT, Network or VAS vendor requirements.

L1 support tasks are carried out successfully in all OPCOs with local onsite presence.

Tool configurations

Configuration of Product testing flow in RADAR and GNOC.

Assess and analyze automation flow wherever required in respective services.